James Morrison - For a Lady Remembered

18 August 2022 

There has been much discussion when trying to determine the  foreground of this painting. I have never been to Suilven, but I can comment on James Morrisons working practice and style. Morrison has been quoted as saying in an interview for the Artist and Illustrator magazine, that he paints what he sees in front of him. He has been known to alter compositions to make them more aesthetically pleasing, but generally what you see in his paintings tend to be what was witnessed at the time of being in there in situ. 

Suilven and Fionn Loch
Photographer: Nigel Brown

'For a Lady Remembered' 
Artist: James Morrison
(National Gallery of Scotland Collection))

The dark blue colour of the landform under the Suilven mountain and above the loch evokes a strong feeling of grief. The rolling clouds have a movement, like they are lifting the heavy feelings of loss. I get a sense of wind through the long grasses in the foreground, defined by Morrisons use of long sweeping brushstrokes. I feel optimistic by the whites of the clouds and the stillness of the loch. Life is hard, but it continues as time passes with the changing winds.

Photo sourced from Lyon and Turnbull
(Private Collection)

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